All Member Playdates

Our playgroups meet an average of once to twice per week. We usually meet at a local park, but in summer months will also meet at one of the local community pools, splash pads or the beach. Sometimes we will have special outings to the zoo, indoor play areas, water parks, local farms or libraries. In addition to all age group playdates , we also have age specific playdates scheduled and ran by moms in our group. We also have all-member family activities like park days, picnics, parties and more!

Moms Night Out

MOMS Club is for moms, after all. One night a month we take a break from the kids and have a fun night out on the town. These Nights Out are open to all Mom members and are usually at a local restaurant but sometimes include movies, game nights or nail salons.

Holiday Parties

We have 4 main holidays that we celebrate together with our kids during the day:

  • Valentine’s Day: All-Member Potluck and optional secret admirer exchange for the moms.
  • Easter: All-Member Spring Fling fundraiser and Easter egg hunt.
  • Halloween: All-Member costume party with treats and crafts.
  • Christmas: All-Member and/or playgroup parties including crafts, food and an optional gift or book exchange for kids.

Member Celebrations

Potluck park dates are held 1-2 times a year on a weekend afternoon to get to know each others’ entire families.

We also host one annual fundraiser to raise funds for local charities. Our main fundraiser is our Spring Fling event, which coincides with our all-member Easter party. The Spring Fling is a silent auction and is filled with many goods and services generously donated by our own Moms as well as the local businesses. For many Moms, this is a great opportunity to get summer camps, dance, gymnastics or swim lessons, or other fun items at a great price while at the same time benefiting the club.

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