About Us



The International MOMS Club (MOMS Offering Moms Support) is a non-profit organization for moms around the globe.  It is the first, largest and fastest growing support group specifically for Moms.
The MOMS Club of Irvine – North is a group of at-home and part-time working mothers.  The MOMS Club is a wonderful way to meet other moms in the area who share your interests and support you as you navigate through raising kids.  We have age-specific playgroup activities to keep playdates small and organized, as well as to help you through those milestones, whether it be newborn snuggles, first steps, potty training or preschool.
The MOMS Club also offers activities JUST for mom – like our monthly Moms Night Out – to give Moms an opportunity to take a break and relax with friends.
A big part of MOMS Club is benefiting our communities through service projects and fundraisers and we offer plenty of opportunities to volunteer and get involved!
Our Irvine-North Chapter is continually growing and serves moms who live in the following communities:


Orchard Hills
Lower Peters Canyon
Northwood Point
Portola Springs
Great Park
Cypress Village

For a more detailed map of our chapter’s boundaries, see our membership page. If you are ready to meet other Moms in your area, or just want to get more information on activities or club details, please contact us.